Please plan 75 minutes for your first visit and 60 minutes for follow-up visits.

Please read about parking and directions.

Appointments are treated before walk-ins.

Please sign in before each visit, write down if there is a time you need to leave, and turn off cell phones. 

We will privately discuss your health situation, goals, and an individualized treatment plan.

You will be treated fully clothed in a comfortable recliner chair in an open studio.

Please help yourself to blankets on the shelf and paper towels to cover the chair behind your head.

Once seated, take your shoes and socks off and roll up your pants and sleeves.

Extremely thin needles (slightly thicker than a hair) are placed below the skin.  There is very little sensation of the needles which are nothing like an ordinary injection. The needles are sterile and used only once.

You may be surprised that the needles are often NOT placed at the location of your pain.  For instance, we treat back, neck, and shoulder pain using acupuncture points in your forearms and lower legs. Points in the ear and head are also used to treat pain, stress, depression, and anxiety.  

Please plan to rest at least 30 minutes. You can stay longer if you like. 

Many people experience deep relaxation during and after treatment. 

We take the needles out when you are done.

There are sound monitors in the clinic so please call if you are uncomfortable or ready to leave.

Please do not receive treatment when you are very hungry.


Treatment depends on the type, duration, and severity of your health issues.

To be effective, acupuncture requires a series of closely-spaced consistent treatments.

You cannot evaluate progress after only 1 or 2 treatments.  

Some health issues can be treated effectively with 2 treatments per week for a few weeks.  Severe or chronic health issues and pain may require more intensive treatment over a longer period. 

Acupuncture has many positive “side effects” like improved mood, energy, sleep, and mental concentration.

Read our FAQ to learn about treatment for your condition.