Fred Wolfson, L.Ac. has received specialized training and state certification to treat dogs and cats.  Pet acupuncture is meant to complement veterinary care for many conditions.

-Conditions of muscle, joints, hips, spine
-Chronic pain and arthritis
-Digestive and urinary issues
-Allergy, breathing, and skin issues
-Speed recovery from injury and surgery
-Help animals adjust to intensive drug therapies
-Behavioral issues, aggressiveness, and shyness

Pet appointments are scheduled by calling 443-986-0006.
Please do not use online scheduling for pets.
Pets are treated when the people clinic is closed.        

$75 Initial pet treatment.
$45 For each additional treatment.
Extra fees apply for house calls.

There is a charge for pet appointments cancelled without 24 hour notice.

Please keep your pet on a very short leash at all times before and after treatment.

Please do not allow your pet to come into physical contact with people or other pets.

Please walk your dog before treatment and clean up after your pet.



The individual acu-points  cover the entire body similar to the circulatory system and nervous system. 

Each point, when activated, has a distinct effect on the systems and organs of the body. 

Some points are used to reduce pain and inflammation and speed healing. Other points may strengthen the immune system, digestive or respiratory system. 

There is very little sensation of the acupuncture needles because they are only slightly thicker than a hair. 

The needles are sterile, used only once and disposed.

Acupuncture therapy requires frequent, consistent, and closely-spaced  treatments to be effective. 

Many common pain and mobility conditions require 1 or 2 weekly treatments for several weeks before consistent and steady progress is seen. 

Some pets may show visible improvement in mobility, flexibility, agility, and less sensitive to touch.  Sometimes pets may be more sociable, friendly, playful,  eager to walk, and have a brighter mood.


I've brought my senior dog here a handful of times now, and I cannot say enough good things about Fred and his clinic. Usually I'm rushing here after work and the second I walk in I feel instantly at ease (Loui too). Loui shakes and has weakening hind legs/hips and already we've seen a reduction in his shaking. Fred has gone above and beyond to offer wonderful suggestions and make our experience as comfortable as possible. We would whole heartedly recommend his business to all! JS 10-28-15

I brought my 13 yo Papillon to Fred to help her with her anxiety and arthritis. Fred’s skillful and compassionate care helped my dog immensely. CS

Fred is kind and gentle with pets. My dog, Gabi, came to him with severe allergies. After several treatments the itching and scratching was much relieved. I highly recommend him.Fred is kind and gentle with pets. My dog, Gabi, came to him with severe allergies. After several treatments the itching and scratching was much relieved. I highly recommend him." JB

We took our dog Alice to be treated by Fred last fall when a limp on her rear leg grew worse. After several vet visits we found out she had an ACL tear. I believe the treatment she received under Fred's care helped her body and immune system prepare for the pre and post surgery she eventually had. At times, prior to surgery and after acupuncture treatment, she was able to use her leg despite.(her acl was 85% torn) I saw first hand how much it helped our dog through such a trying experience. Fred is very patient and was excellent with Alice. We knew under his care, she was in good hands. I am a firm believer in the healing and miracle of accupuncture and trust Fred's expertise. TG

When our black Lab Harry suffered a ruptured disk, he had to have surgery. His recovery and healing were hastened, however, by acupuncture. Animal acupuncture works wonders and Fred's treatments are the proof. Harry walked faster than predicted and noticeably regained energy. Harry and I will continue to see him...occasional tune-ups are always good! MT