The individual acu-points cover the entire body similar to the circulatory system and nervous system. 

Each point, when activated, has a distinct effect on the muscles, joints, systems and organs of the body. 

Some points are used to reduce pain and inflammation, speed healing. Other points may strengthen the immune system, digestive or respiratory system.

There is very little sensation of the acupuncture needles because they are only slightly thicker than a hair. 

The needles are sterile, used only once and disposed.

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Treatment depends on the type, duration, and severity of your health issues. 

To be effective, acupuncture requires a series of closely-spaced consistent treatments.

You cannot evaluate progress after only one or two treatments.

Some health issues can be treated effectively with two treatments per week for a few weeks. 

Severe or chronic health issues may require more intensive treatment over a longer period.   

Acupuncture has many positive “side effects” like improved mood, energy, sleep, and mental concentration. 



•Bone, Muscle, Joint, Pain:  arthritis neck and shoulder pain,  back pain, lower back , bursitis carpal tunnel,  elbow pain,  foot pain,  orthopedic bone conditions,  sprains, strains, tendonitis, athletic injuries,  TMJ

•Addictions:  alcoholism,  drug addiction,  eating disordersmoking cessation

•Cardiovascular:  hypertension, high blood pressure

•Dermatological:   acne eczema herpes,  psoriasis sweating

•Emotional:  anxiety,  autism,  depression,  stresstension headaches

•Eyes-Ears-Nose-Throat: ear infections eyes macular degeneration sinusitis

•Gastrointestinal:  acid reflux irritable bowel syndrome IBS digestive disorders

•Reproductive:  endometriosis and fibroids female or male infertilitylow libidomenopausemenstrual problems,  polycystic ovarian syndrome pregnancy and postpartum care,  PMS,  male sexual dysfunction and impotence,  female sexual dysfunction

•Infections:  bronchitis,  candida,  cold and flu prevention cold treatment vaginal infections

•Internal:  chronic fatigue diabetes,  fibromyalgia,  high blood pressure,  lupus obesity, weight loss,   prostatis & pelvic pain,  urinary problems, cystitis

•Neurological:  dizzinessinsomniamigraines, headachesneuralgiashinglesstroke

•Reproductive: endometriosis and fibroids,  female or male infertility,  low libido menopausemenstrual problems polycystic ovarian syndrome,  pregnancy and postpartum care,  PMS, male sexual dysfunction and impotence,  female sexual dysfunction

•Respiratory:  allergies asthma,  pediatric asthma,  emphysema seasonal allergies

•Other:  cancer HIV,AIDS,  hepatitis,  pediatric ,  pregnancy,   pediatric nutrition,  athletics,