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Bad Medicine, Part 3, Death By Diagnosis

"I think the number-one problem is we don’t measure performance. We don’t measure the outcomes of patients in health care for 99 percent of the health care that’s delivered."

"Ninety-nine percent of people that have surgery in the United States go home and no one documents or keeps track at a systematic level — that is, national or regional, or hospital — how the patient does. At six months, are you glad that you had your knee surgery done? At six months after hip surgery, are you walking again? Or a year after weight-loss surgery, what is your weight today? We don’t keep track of those things in health care for most of the procedures or treatments that we do. The problem is that how can you really come up with a quality metric if nobody’s tracking it?"

Dr Marty Makary, Surgeon and Professor Healthcare Policy   read more